Monday, March 26, 2012

Coins. Like in Real Life.

My 7yo daughter requested to play this yesterday, so we set up a two player game. Hippos, crocodiles and seals were discarded because she decided that they were (respectively) too big, too fierce and too naughty.

So we collect animals and build up our zoos. About halfway through the game, I notice that she hasn’t been using her money actions very much, and as a result, there were about six to seven coins in her pile. Being the gracious father that I am, I decide that I should remind her to use her money actions.

“Look at how many coins you have,” I say. “You have a whole stack of them!”

“Like in real life, I’m good at saving up,” she replies absently as she contemplates which truck she should take next.

I push the hint a little further. “And look! I have only 1 coin left!”

“Like in real life, you spend all your money on board games, daddy.”


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