Friday, September 23, 2016

Driving your child out of his Skull

"Okay, I've flipped one Flower, and I need another Flower to win. Dad said he put a Flower down, but you must NEVER trust Dad in a game, so he probably put down a Skull. Jojo says she's got a Flower, and she started the challenge first, so she would have had to have a Flower to win the challenge, but maybe she's tricking me into thinking she has a Flower but she really put down a Skull? Mom says she doesn't know how to play this game, and she probably put down a Skull because she doesn't know why anyone should put down a Flower, but maybe she randomly put down a Flower anyway? Or she could be bluffing and she's got a Skull!? Aaarrrggh!"

Skull. The fun way to mess up your kids' minds. :-)

Kitty Paw!

Tonight, me, Mum, Dad and Evan played a cute game call 'Kitty🐱Paw'. It's a game for sharp eyes. I thought I had this game in the bag, but surprisingly Dad towered over me with an end score of 23 and me 13 (If you were wondering what Evan and Mum got, they got negative points). I said that I lost because  Dad was the only one not eating burger rings and not getting distracted. But Mum said it might be because he recently took up rubix cube unsolving. However he won, I will be training to win the game next time.

By Jojo 🐾🐱🐾

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We Are The PP Pirates

I was waiting for my dad, KK to come back. After about fifteen minutes, he bought this board game called Jamaica. Before I could examine the game, it was time for dinner. We ate and ate as fast as we could. After eating, he told me to play the board game with him. After we set it up, my mum, Cynthia wanted to play and my sister, Josephine too. We played for about 32 minutes and my mum said that she was the purple pirate and said "We are the PP Pirates!" I was the blue pirate so I joined in and said "I am a BP Pirate!" But that wasn't really funny because I was copying my mum. When I finished the game, my mum was first and I was second, so me and my mum sang "We are the PP Pirates!"

Typed by the Games We Play's creators son, Evan Su

Game Programming for Kids with HopScotch

We're always on a look out for cool programming tool-kits for kids. Last year, Evan and I got into Scratch, where Evan learnt the basics of programming and created some pretty cool games. And then it was Infinity Arcade, where users could create simple arcade games on the iPad. Recently, we found out about HopScotch, which is really, really cool. Probably the best attempt at programming games on the iPad I've ever seen.

I was suggesting a few game ideas to Evan, and told him about some of the old Atari games I used to play back in the day. "There's this game called Demon Attack, which is a bit like Space Invaders, but simpler to program," I told him. We googled it up, and lo and behold, we found a browser-playable version of Demon Attack!

Watch out for that demon poop!
Before I know it, I'm blasting demons from the sky, fighting my way through the levels of various demons, periodically declaring, "Oh! I remember these guys! Man, I HATE these guys!" Somewhere downstairs, I can hear my wife asking, "What's daddy doing?", and Evan's reply of, "He's playing one of his classy, old games again."

Long live Atari!