Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We Are The PP Pirates

I was waiting for my dad, KK to come back. After about fifteen minutes, he bought this board game called Jamaica. Before I could examine the game, it was time for dinner. We ate and ate as fast as we could. After eating, he told me to play the board game with him. After we set it up, my mum, Cynthia wanted to play and my sister, Josephine too. We played for about 32 minutes and my mum said that she was the purple pirate and said "We are the PP Pirates!" I was the blue pirate so I joined in and said "I am a BP Pirate!" But that wasn't really funny because I was copying my mum. When I finished the game, my mum was first and I was second, so me and my mum sang "We are the PP Pirates!"

Typed by the Games We Play's creators son, Evan Su

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