Friday, September 23, 2016

Driving your child out of his Skull

"Okay, I've flipped one Flower, and I need another Flower to win. Dad said he put a Flower down, but you must NEVER trust Dad in a game, so he probably put down a Skull. Jojo says she's got a Flower, and she started the challenge first, so she would have had to have a Flower to win the challenge, but maybe she's tricking me into thinking she has a Flower but she really put down a Skull? Mom says she doesn't know how to play this game, and she probably put down a Skull because she doesn't know why anyone should put down a Flower, but maybe she randomly put down a Flower anyway? Or she could be bluffing and she's got a Skull!? Aaarrrggh!"

Skull. The fun way to mess up your kids' minds. :-)

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