Monday, April 8, 2013

Episode 3 - Survive!

KK, Cynthia, Jojo and Evan play a family favourite board game "Survive!". Whose meeples will escape the sinking land of Atlantis and make it to the safe islands and survive?

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  1. Received the following from Julian Courtland-Smith, the Game Designer of Survive!


    Hi KK, Cynthia, Jojo and Evan,

    Great video! By amazing coincidence my daughter's children, Jasmine & Tiger, are also 8 and 6. They are ruthless! They gang up on me and nearly always win!

    KK. I like your simplified rules. You'll be pleased to hear when 'Escape from Atlantis!' was on sale in Melbourne, Australia in the 80's (Crown & Andrews) there weren't any keep and play later land-tiles. Back in those days, when land-tiles were turned over, they were played immediately, as per your suggestion! Why not see if you can pick up an old copy of the game and compare the two!

    Cynthia. Thank you for your compliments about the game. Should dolphins stay with swimmers all the way to the outer islands? Umm!

    Evan. I like your reason why the sea-serpent only moves one sea-space at a time... because they eat too much! Nice one! What about your shark that ate 2 of daddies swimmers in one go? Shouldn't he slow down a bit after such a big meal? Maybe he should miss a go while he's sleeping it off!

    Jojo. So, what's your secret, why do your Atlanteans attract all the boats? Congratulations on winning the game!

    Lovely family! May you all enjoy playing Survive! for many years to come and pass it on to your grandchildren!

    Yours playfully,



    Our response:
    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for your wonderful response! The kids were so excited when I told them that the game designer of 'Survive!' had responded to our video!

    I never played the original 80s version of 'Survive!', but I did play 'Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs' repeatedly back then which was one of my treasured games. I do realise that the published game is quite different from your original design (read that somewhere in BGG), but thanks for coming up with the original idea that resulted in the game!

    Cynthia thanks you for responding to each of us, and is convinced that you must be such a cool grand-pa to Jasmine and Tiger.

    Jojo thanks you for creating 'Survive!', and is adamant not to share her secret with anyone.

    Evan wants to know if Tiger is a boy or girl, and if he/she really does act like a Tiger.

    Cheers from,

    KK, Cynthia, Jojo & Evan